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BV 7600 Base Mount


BV7600 is one of the latest additions to this type of glass railing system for base mount. Although this glass railing is a budget-oriented system, it still provides a sleek finish, ease of installation, and requires minimum maintenance. The glass is installed in seconds by using wedges and a wedge inserter.


The wedges and profile design are ridged. This helps to remove the chance of having loose wedges which is a common problem with this type of design. You can rest your mind that even after heavy use the system will keep its integrity.


Durability is a key priority not only for us but also for our customers. This is why this base mount glass railing system was made with internal moving parts from Inox. The system also carries a special patented blend of plastic with twice the recommended UV protection. Rubber seals are manufactured from the most durable EPDM and have the highest UV protection. BV7600 is a system that offers high resistance to various atmospheric and environmental conditions including Wind, Rain, Salt, and UV rays.


BV7600 is certified for use in residential, domestic, and industrial sectors. The carefully selected materials make this system able to withstand heavy human traffic. This glass railing system is suitable for any usage.

Glass for Railings

Glass thickness:

6.6.2 / 6.6.4

8.8.2 / 8.8.4

10.10.2 / 10.10.4


6.6 – up to 1 kN

10.10 – up to 2 kN


Maximum height:

8.8 – up to 1100mm 10.10 – up to 1100mm

BV 7600 Base Mount Side Profile

Length: 5000mm
Height: 119mm
Width: 54mm

Channel: 3,73 kg / meter
Total: 4,23 kg / meter

Aluminium: EN AW6060
Color: Natural, Inox

Mounting anchors:
М8 / Concrete screw

BV7600 Base Mount Regulated

Precise regulation +/- 2°

BV7600 Base Mount Features

Solid installation

BV7500- Glass Thickness

Glass thickness

BV7600 - Pressure Resistance - 200KG

Glass Pressure resistant up to

Technical Drawing

BV 7600 Base Mount Side Profile

Installation Guide

7600 Base Mount Installation Guide

Youtube Installation Video

No Installation video yet

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