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BV 4500 Base Mount


BV4500 is a compact but very robust glass railing system. At a height of just 80mm this carefully designed system provides easy installation, strength, and requires minimum maintenance. The glass is quickly and securely installed using wedges and a wedge inserter.

The aluminum profile of the system has a distinct form, and the carefully selected materials help to drastically decrease the possibility of glass panel breakage during installation. The wedges and profile have a sturdy design which removes the possibility of having loose wedges which is a common issue with this design type.


However, we want to make our customers have peace of mind that even after heavy use the system will keep its integrity.


Strength and durability are indeed two of the main factors at VetroRail which are very at heart when offering Glass Railing Systems. The BV4500 system uses special internal parts such as rubber seals from EPDM.  The design of the parts is suitable for hot climates since it offers UV protection.


BV4500 can be used for all climate conditions. This system if easy to install since the manufacturers (BarosVision) eliminated any barriers that may arise during the installation process.

BV4500 can be suitably used for all residential and domestic applications. Although this system is small and barely noticeable this system is certified at 2kN strength.

Glass for Railings
BV 4500 Base Mount

Length: 5000mm
Height: 84mm
Width: 55mm

Channel: 4,26 kg / meter
Total: 4,76 kg / meter

Aluminium: EN AW6063
Color: Natural,

Mounting anchors:
М8 Concrete screw

Glass thickness:
5.5.2 / 5.5.4

6.6.2 / 6.6.4
8.8.2 / 8.8.4

6.6 – up to 1 kN
8.8 – up to 2 kN

Maximum height:
6.6 – up to 800 mm
8.8 – up to 1100 mm


Solid Installation

BV4500 Glass Thickness

Glass Thickness

BV4500 Glass Pressure Resistance

Glass Pressure resistant up to

Technical Drawing

BV 4500 Base Mount

Installation Guide

BV 4500 Base Mount Installation Guide
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