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BV 6500 Base Mount


BV6500 is a very resistant glass railing system which offers heavy duty industrial-strength and a competitive price. The BarosVision company (Our suppliers) designed the profile to make installation easier and faster with minimum maintenance required.


The glass panels are quickly secured thanks to the use of wedges and a wedge inserter.

This also is applicable to all of our glass railing systems, hence reducing the risk of breaking the glass during installation.


The BV6500 system provides ridged wedges and this helps to remove the chance of having loose wedges which is a common problem with this type of design.


At VetroRail we can guarantee that the profile will keep its integrity even after extensive use when it is mounted in places with a considerable amount of human traffic.


Strength and durability are of utmost importance for every glass railing. This is also why the internal parts are manufactured using special plastic. This type of plastic also has added UV protection and the rubber seals are made of EPDM with excellent UV protection.

BV6500 railing system that can be used in every climate condition. Each part of this system is designed to make it easy to install.


BV6500 successfully covers industrial applications. With certification for up to 3kN of pressure.

Glass for Railings
BV 6500 Base Mount

Length: 5000mm
Height: 108mm

Width: 60mm

Channel: 5,57 kg / meter

Total: 6,07 kg / meter

Aluminium: EN AW6063
Color: Natural,

Mounting anchors:
М10 / Concrete screw

Glass thickness:
6.6.2 / 6.6.4

8.8.2 / 8.8.4
10.10.2 / 10.10.4

8.8 – up to 3 kN
10.10 – up to 3 kN

Maximum Height:
8.8 – up to 1200 mm
10.10 – up to 1200 mm


Solid Installation

BV6500- Glass Thickness

Glass Thickness

BV6500- Glass Pressure Resistance

Glass Pressure resistant up to

Technical Drawing

BV 6500 Base Mount

Installation Guide

BV 6500 Base Mount Installation Guide
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