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BV 5500


BV5500 is glass railing system that utilizes a thinner glass design. Installation is quick and requires minimal maintenance afterward. A great feature for this glass railing is that the glass is fastened securely using a pushing profile with the use of a hexagon key.


Thanks to its innovative design, it can be well used with a variety of glass thicknesses: 8 mm, 10 mm, 12 m tempered or 5 + 5, 6 + 6.

In case of glass breakages the glass can easily be removed and replaced. This system is ideal for poolside / ground floor applications if it will be used without a handrail.


The system’s strength and durability are important factors for us and for our clients. This is why we have manufactured the internal parts from special plastic with UV protection.


This system is installed with the use of OMO concrete screws (included in the package). This enables a faster installation.

BV5500 is ideally used for ground floors or poolside fences. When a handrail is used this system can be also installed for domestic applications.

Glass for Railings
bv5500-Techncial Illustration

Length: 5000mm
Height: 75mm
Width: 55mm

Channel: 3,06 kg / meter
Total: 3,35 kg / meter

Aluminium: EN AW6063
Color: Matte, Inox

Mounting anchors:
OMO concrete screw

Glass thickness:
8 mm / 4.4.2
10 mm / 5.5.2 / 5.5.4
12 mm / 6.6.2 / 6.6.4

8 / 10 / 12 – up to 1 kN

Maximum Height:
8 mm – up to 600 mm
10 mm – up to 800 mm
12 mm – up to 1000 mm


Solid Installation

BV 5500 Glass Thickness

Glass Thickness

BV 5500 Glass Pressure Resistance

Glass Pressure resistant up to

Technical Drawing

BV 5500 Technical Drawing

Installation Guide

BV 5500 Installation Guide
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